Friday, January 18, 2013


So this is interesting. Joe Moore, Ald, 49th, a/k/a Joe LESS, or Joe Schmoe by us veterans in the 'hood, discusses TIF MONEY at Howard and Paulina/Gateway Mall.....

Paulina/Gateway Mall, Paulina and Howard Streets, was a pet project of Alderman Less. Its storefronts sat empty for years, despite promises of a cineplex, Borders, bridge from CTA to Metra et al.   Many in the community were against it, but Joe Schmoe cut deals with Dominick's and others and there was questionable ownership and management anyway. It was, however, a flop.

The story goes, The Rat Kings cut a deal with The Ward and whoever actually owned the mall on paper at the time, and figured out a way to deed a portion vertically (yeah, you tell me...), thus allowing The Rat Kings to expand their Empire and the Esteemed Alderman to save his flabbity ass. The Constituency was pissed, as was the facing CTA (who had its own shit going  on). But here's the problem: Moore had TIF money and nobody is really sure whether The Rat Kings nabbed some of that or not. But, as they also own Cobalt Commercial Construction, it did the shitty (see below) "construction" and "built" the cells units, probably not up to code and with half-assed inspections. Golly, though, POSSIBLY, when LSC "sold"  to SimplyStorage (The Predecessor/Successor) either it, or again TIF financed SS. Regardless, Chris and Jean chomped that shit up for pennies on the dollar when SS got in trouble, MAYbe even making their own  money back. Whoo-Hooo!

So, conceivably my tragedy could have actually been financed by my tax dollars. What a pleasant thought. What say you, RAT KINGS??

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