Thursday, January 24, 2013

I ran into a guy that I know...more Loads of Rat Crap

Who was also a tenant during the time of Massive Mice Destruction. Who knew the staff relatively well. Who told me something very interesting.

A former employee, not named in these pages because they were the only person who expressed any concern or compassion for this disaster, apparently had mentioned to him THAT LIFE STORAGE HAD GIVEN ME A COMPENSATION CHECK.


This never happened, Rat Kings. One hundred dollars, CASH WAS given as reimbursement for laundry and dry cleaning for items that survived. But that's it. And I signed off on a receipt and clearly indicated that on same.

So, this says, that the Rat Kings were probably lying to their own employees and/or trying to do damage control for the other tenants that remained. Possibly the employee tried to go to bat for this matter, as they got fired shortly after under some pretty dicey circumstances. The person was there throughout and had also repeatedly relayed the complaints to "corporate" to NO AVAIL, but was under Idiot Fred so felt limited in their ability to help resolve it.

Lyin' ass ratfucks. Now, misleading an employee and/or putting out this kind of misinformation I and other reasonable people would consider an admission. Cuz, if ya didn't do anything, there's no reason to lie. Or do damage control.

And there have  been many many many lies. And much much much DAMAGE.

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