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We want closure for all. Here's hoping it'll happen with the New Year. Our thanks to the 4,624 4,707 visitors and your support!!

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"TO THE PORSCHE DEALERSHIP!!! No, No, No! They can bring it TO me!"
"Bring the Porsche around, Jones..."

Sunday, December 23, 2012

So, I got this via my craigslist account...

Subject: Storage HOES (Life Storage Rogers Park)
Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2012 20:26:36 -0800

I read your post about life storage. LOL..My Ex works at the XXXXX  location. Jean and Chris are two ototal assholes. One collects porsches and the other just bought a $10,000 dog for charity...but they cant give raises to valued help or in your case fix the wrong that was caused. Do your self a favor and go to RIPPOFF  REPORT.COM........youll reach alot more people with your problem. Infact every time someone googlel the name life storage...your complaint will be the first thing that they see. I agree100% with you. They give two shits about anyone or anything...just money. From what I hear...they do have small dicks!!!!  Go to rippoff report and follow the prompts....youll fuck them up real good!!!!  GOOD LUCK!!!
Thanks, man. Happy Holidays...

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Said by MICHELLE WIGHT. Who are these people? Where are they? how many of them are there? How come the HR chick ("department") at LSC knows nothing about them? Do they drive Porsches,  TOO?



There is no "LEGAL TEAM" who allegedly advised at that time  that Life Storage was not liable.

She said: THEY ARE NOT GOING TO TALK TO YOU. WTF? No in house lawyer would make a definitive statement like that.

So, just like the level of extermination treatment, The Banana Peel, me not having a "valid lease" when my existing lease had a clear successor clause (although the legal "team" GUY, not in house, subsequently stated that the successor clause meant the lease reverted to Life Storage's lease (WTF?), which I did not execute UNTIL FORCED TO AFTER THE FACT.

So, lie after lie after lie after lie.  Wonder what it's going to be UNDER OATH?

Which I am trying to avoid. Really.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Are they tripping or what?

More idiot manager evidence from my pals at YELP...

I recently rented a U Haull truck here and had a pretty mixed experience. To be fair, this is a storage facility, so I guess that is not their specialty.

The fact that the truck was actually there and the correct truck is a minor miracle when it comes to renting these things. That and lobby was nice and clean were good signs. The big drawback was that despite being able to rent them on the website you cannot rent furniture dollies, blankets, pads, etc. here.

I picked the truck up on Sunday afternoon about 4:30, and had it for 24 hours. At 9:30 the next morning they were already calling to see if I knew when I would be bringing it back. I told them about 4.

When I got there at 4 there was a sign that said out to lunch, be back at 4. There was another sign saying I could put the keys through the mail slot and leave. Unfortunately that door was wide open, so putting the keys through the slot would have meant dropping them on the sidewalk.

When the manager finally got back about 4:20, rather than thanking me for not leaving truck keys in the middle of the sidewalk, she asked me if I read the sign, and then told me I should have just left them because there are cameras...Gee thanks.

I was moving and bought some moving supplies at Life Storage of State Street.  As it turned out, I didn't need the supplies and decided to return them.  I arrived at the Life Storage facility to find the door locked and a sign on the door saying to call management for service.  When I called the number, the person that answered said that she was at the bank and could be back to the store in 15 minutes.  She arrived about 20 minutes later carrying a bank bag and became defensive about how her trip to the bank was for business.  Next, she advised me that she would have to submit a check request for my refund for the return and that I could expect payment in 7 to 10 business days.

So the owners of this business think that its okay to a) leave the store unattended and hope that customers will hang around and wait; and b) get paid by credit card and receive cash credit immediately, but make me wait over 2 weeks for a refund.

Are they tripping or what?

Don't buy moving supplies here!!!!


Something to do bewteen jobs high turn over


Pros – Premium self storage units, nice laid back office serving customs starbuck coffee, WiFi and a clean place to work for a storage company
Cons – Lack of respect in store sales from HOME OFFICE employee, who don't know the business of sales or self storage, just there jobs of HR, Self Storage sales is not a normal 9-5 job and can't be managed as such.

 The company is over all money hungry to the ponit (SIC) they forget sbout
(SIC) those who help them make it.

Advice to Senior Management – Ur front office girls will be the end of ur company 


This Blog suggests you find people who have a basic command of the language.

Hello TWITTER!!!!

DAMN! You CAN reach the whole world!

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4,707 visitors!

SO, if even 10% have been made aware of and avoided these places and maybe not went through what  I did, well then.........

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Troll Bruce Croslow back again!

Yo, Bruce! Your buddy Matt Clark has inferred whatever role(s) I indicated in this blog. There have been several. Whether accurate, whether not, I am merely relaying what's been relayed to me.

You are a troll, which is almost as bad as your so eloquent (look it up, skippy) comment of  "stupid c--t". Your charm is only exceeded by your intelligence.

Thanks for dropping by, shitbag. It only helps increase my numbers.