Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Well now!

Chicago, IL
Updated - 2/8/2013
With over a half-dozen managers over the last five years, Lifestorage of Rogers Park seems to be the poster child for poor management, and a prime example of "how to fail in business without really trying."

After our last report on the improvements, the recent departure of Tim Smith also seemed to mean the departure of respect, professionalism, and common courtesy, as the current team du jour of Marcus and Amanda seem destined to kill business, even from long-time customers, with an emphasis solely built on collecting rent. Have a question about your account? They won't make the time to discuss, and simply announce that they "don't have time to argue with you." Ask for toilet paper for the tenant bathroom? Request ignored. Try for a cup of the gratis coffee, "I haven't made it yet." - accompanied by a shifty-eyed glare. Want a clean restroom? You will be ignored, for almost eight weeks; as trash and dirt accumulate to the point of disease.

Ditto for the hallways.

Accounting issues are met with overlocks, and aggression; along with regular price increases.

Store staff issues have to be addressed with the District Manager, Ms. Shalonda, who under the guise of support, seemingly makes excuses for unprofessional behavior, only to have retaliatory behavior on the part of the aforementioned.

If this was simply a case of 21st century ill-manners, then this all might be ignored, but since the units are not free, then this is a serious issue. Run, don't walk from Lifestorage of Rogers Park.

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