Thursday, February 28, 2013

So, lemme see, LIFE STORAGE..

You  PAY someone to Facebook and Tweet for you and consequently try and mess with mine (you didn't, you dumbass, illiterate fool...) as well as TROLL craigslist, thus sending me nasty, albeit stupid, emails, to hide THE TRUTH from the public, yet you can't own up and settle this matter? What the fuck is wrong with you, you arrogant slimy little bastards? JUST LIKE YOU COULDN'T EXTERMINATE YOUR PROPERTY AND PREVENT THIS IN THE FIRST PLACE.


And get a clue, Iwona: You choose to utilize social media, it works both ways, doll. The people you work for are assholes. YOU support this reprehensible behavior by scrambling around to do damage control although evidently you don't work weekends. However, as you are seemingly only capable of ripping off other sites with your stupid posts (and maybe even violating copyright laws..), I guess you need to justify your existence in that schlocky organization (ex. Michelle Wight is a loony and Matt Clark is a moron, as was Idiot Fred Weaver).

Until Life Storage resolves this to my satisfaction, it continues. There is otherwise not a damn thing it can do because everything is true and documented and was witnessed, as well as experienced by others.

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