Wednesday, February 6, 2013

More Life Storage asshole-isms....

Ed: Ran into the same guy again, today--rarity. But lo and behold, yes indeedy, his mattress WAS COVERED IN MOUSE SHIT! So, Life Storage, you Lyin' SACKS of shit, your rodent problem has NOT been conquered. Asswipes!

So, yesterday, 2/5/13, I run into the guy that I know, mentioned below, who WAS a remaining tenant at Life Storage/RP. Nice guy, paid his rent on time, I am pretty sure, never caused problems, etc. He says he moved his stuff out that morning. I asked him why, he says they were too nasty and unprofessional, plus--and the main reason--a friend of his had extra space he could use for free. So, yeah, that is a no-brainer. He said he estimated paying several thousand dollars over the years. Been there, done that.  They knew he was moving. He gave them ample notice.

IN THE MIDDLE OF HIS MOVE, THEY DISABLE HIS ACCESS CODE. THIS IS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY. AND WELL WITHIN HIS GRACE PERIOD, THAT ENDS ON THE FIFTH OF ANY GIVEN MONTH, 11pm, thereby violating his lease.  He'd come and went several times that morning, getting organized, etc. with no problems. 

They waited until he had started loading his truck and then disabled the code, thus making it a pain in the ass for him to get back in. Obviously loading a truck involved a number of trips. I really hope he checked his stuff for carcasses and shit, but I didn't ask.

Assholes. Really. How much more juvenile can  these people get?

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