Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Found Today on the Interwebs II

Life Storage Centers of State St.


Bait and Switch!   over and over

First, the signs outside that say 50% of storage are only for two months.  They sign you up at one rate then it doubles.  There was no mention of the price doubling after the bait period.
But heck,  that one any savvy person can figure out.

The REAL bait-and-switch was when I reserved a storage space on the first floor with drive in unloading and convince location.  I even have a copy of the agreement.
I even had someone go in before and have a look at where the unit would be.
First floor, off drive in docking.

But when I arrived with the movers the space was allocated in a completely different area.  Not on the first floor.  Not with drive in loading and the location was the furthest possible spot away from the loading dock.    I kid you not.
I actually gave directions to someone saying it was the furthest possible spot away from the loading dock.
But there was nothing I could do because the movers were there charging by the hour.

If that wasn't enough, I signed up for automatic pay.
But I kept getting Late Fees applied!
Even though They had my credit card number and they applied the charges.

Bait and switch #1  50% off
Bait and switch #2 changed locker AFTER I had someone check
Bait and Switch #3  Autopay incurring late charges.

The only positive review here starts with "life storage has revolutionized the industry"
It's a cut-n-paste from their website.  Obviously an internal post.

Lastly the place lacked adequate monitoring,  it had RATS and twice I came by with no one in the building but the doors left open.

stay away

This is a few months old. Yes, it's my old buds, YELP, but I guess LifeStorage (Stephen Sandecki) hasn't bitched to them yet. Or, maybe they've MADE SO MUCH MONEY AND SCREWED SO MANY PEOPLE, THEY NO LONGER CARE. SO, KICK IT, RAT KINGS!

This building still has its problems and so does the company.  Sha-Von and the staff I was able to meet with were nice and professional.  But I have to report that in the 5 months I had the storage unit, it did get infested with rodents and covered in droppings.  I lost two giant bags of clothes and my mattress to contamination.  I could have let this slide amicably if I didn't have to hunt down the district manager to file a complaint.  And the fact that it took 2 whole days to get this resolved, AND they resisted giving me any kind of discount on future months.  I had to fight with them every step of the way even after having my items damaged due to some hoarder storing food in an adjacent unit.  These reports of the company being better managed are hoaxes or paid reviewers.  This place is still a crap shoot.  Literally.  Because my stuff had mouse crap all over it.
Was this review …?
Comment from Stephen S. of Life Storage Centers of Rogers Park 9/6/2011  
We strive to provide the best service in self storage. Unfortunately we have no full control over what is being stored in the units. Since the incident we have taken actions and have hired professionals to remedy the situation. Please understand that this is not an overnight fix and we are doing everything to prevent these issues in the future.
Thank you for your feedback.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Found today on the Interwebs...

"When you build a website that has educational content and is useful to visitors looking for information on that subject, the net results will be improved search-engine rankings and natural inbound links. Remember, the goal is to build relevant, quality links to your website. The best way to do that is to provide something someone would want to share with others!"
Stephen D. Sandecki is the Internet marketing specialist for LifeStorage Centers LLC. He has more than eight years of experience in search-engine optimization, paid search and Internet marketing, and six years of experience in the self-storage industry. LifeStorage has 18 facilities throughout the Chicagoland area. For more information on Chicago Storage, visit www.lifestorage.net. You can reach Mr. Sandecki at stephen@lifestorage.net.


Not to bore anyone with the entire article....that I'm not sure was even written by this guy, having corresponded with him. Anyway, educational? Darn tootin', skippy! People need to be educated on how unprofessional, dishonest and irresponsible this company is. Not to mention, my information was this guy, at least last year, was just a storage dude and now has this fancy title listed above. Hmmm...so, for those that believe what your mom told you, about being honest, ETHICAL  and hardworking to get ahead, this clown is the exception. Or, at LifeStorage, you need to be a lying apathetic asswipe to make it (see below, re: Michelle Wight). Maybe that explains all those hefty acquisitions!